Kalkeriet is a progressive international art and design gallery representing some of the most influential contemporary artists, estates and designers of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Kalkeriet is synonymous with a uniquely progressive and pioneering spirit due to its bold hybrid approach and intimate curated presentation of fine art, collectible and contemporary design. A destination for contemporary making and the crafted object, showcasing a curated collection of fine art, photographs, editions and design from leading and emerging international artists, artists' estates and designers. Serving the global market of collectors, architects, interior designers, private clients and enthusiasts.

Artists & Select Exhibitions

Featured artists are all groundbreaking and leading forces within their respective fields and media, ranging from sculpture, drawing, textile, collage, photography, installations, reliefs and video art. Their mark has not only been honored and highlighted at leading galleries and institutions worldwide, but also widely documented and manifested as a mirror of cultural movements.


Warhol x Henzel

Winner of Archiproducts Design Awards: ANDY WARHOL, Oxidation Painting, 1978, designed by Calle Henzel in 2021, is based on one of Warhol’s most controversial yet abstract works, his Oxidation Paintings (1978). Warhol’s Oxidation paintings resulted in an abstract exploration of differently shaped stains, intricate color-shifts and shimmering surfaces. Far removed from his previous work, this was the first time he committed to a certain kind of painterly abstraction reminiscent of Abstract Expressionism. The process in which these paintings were made, by urinating on the canvas, and the developing process through oxidation, suggest a kind of alchemy in which bodily fluids are transformed into images of devastating beauty. Curated by Joakim Andreasson, the collection is part of Henzel Studio Heritage, an ongoing program of art rugs established with foundations and estates of the most prominent artists of the 20th century. Available at Kalkeriet.

© / ® / ™ The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.


Helmut Lang

With material as departure point, Lang’s recent works explore the tensions between abstraction and figuration, and investigate space beyond the limitations of the human body through sculpture, reliefs, assemblage paintings and collages.

Image: Helmut Lang portrait by Daniel Trese


Frieze London:
Tom Hegen

Kalkeriet is pleased to present Tom Hegen. Hegen was born in Königsbrunn, Bavaria, in 1991, he has been specialising in aerial photography for many years. To Hegen, aerial photography is the only possible medium that can simultaneously portray our civilization and pay tribute to our planet.


Alexander Díaz Andersson
Oberon Mach II

We're pleased to present artist and designer Alexander Díaz Andersson. Award-winning Díaz Andersson creates contemporary sculptural pieces inspired by the future and informed by the past centuries history of woodworking traditions. With precision, sensitivity and emotion he is balancing industrial craftmanship, artisanal imperfection and a commitment to excellence in every detail. Swedish-born Andersson is based in Mexico City and Los Angeles.


Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd

Kalkeriet is pleased to unveil a new collection of rugs designed by Calle Henzel after the sculpture ”Non-Violence” by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd. Now emblem for The Non-Violence Art Project, the collection was developed in close collaboration and partnership with the non-profit organization. The sculpture was originally created by Reuterswärd as a memorial tribute to his friend John Lennon after he was shot and killed in New York City in 1980.